A company that is flexible to meet the demand of the market and is also driven by strong leadership will be a company that can achieve longevity and profits. We all know the importance of creating the right culture in the workplace—one that will be able to adapt to a changing business climate. But, you may ask, how can you develop that culture?

The Executive Education program at the David Eccles School of Business allows C-level executives, VPs, and managers to learn from customized curriculum that addresses the specific needs of your business. Whether you are looking to build core competencies, define leadership styles, or are facing other strategic challenges, a custom program can be developed to strengthen the leadership capacity of employees, executives, and of the organization as a whole.

Courses taught by faculty members, who have been recognized for their teaching and research expertise, will bring leading-edge technology and theory into the classroom. Your boardroom will now benefit from real-world experience and newly developed techniques to bring out the best in your core management to take your company to the next level.

The program’s flexibility allows you to target not only your current difficulties, but also look at long-term goals. Professors and staff from the David Eccles School of Business meet with the top leadership in your company to discuss what exact areas need to be addressed. From there, a tailor-made curriculum is designed for you and your employees. In addition to creating a custom course, your company can also determine how long the education takes place. You can choose from one weekend, monthly, quarterly, or anything in between. The purpose of the program is to give you the necessary tools to make your business successful. A successful business includes employees and managers who are equipped with the best practices for achievement, and the right strategies to take on specific challenges.

Your investment in on-going training for your leadership and management team will allow you to stay competitive and strong in a wavering economic climate. You’re providing a foundation for better communication, management, ethical business practices, and improved leadership to steer your company through any rough patches and avoid costly – and sometimes – devastating loss. If you would like more information about getting your company involved, contact Jared Stephens.

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