Shawn Nelson, Chairman and Founder of Lovesac, spoke to the Profiles in Leadership class on Friday, September, 21st. Nelson shared his story of the struggles of founding a company and the joys of being an entrepreneur.

Lovesac is now a national furniture retailer with more than 20 stores across the country, but it all began in the basement of Nelson’s parents’ house. As an 18-year-old, Nelson came up with the idea of a 7-foot comfy sac that he could stretch out on instead of sitting on the couch. From there, he went out to a fabric store, bought 10 yards of material and began to design his vision. He spent countless hours trying to find the perfect fill for the sac until he discovered that foam was the ideal solution.

In the early stages of the company, Nelson and his friends would carry the sacs to various events including ASUU’s Redfest on the University of Utah’s campus. Their first order was from Red Bull, which got the ball rolling as Nelson started to see his vision come alive. It was Lovesac’s first large order (12,000 sacs ordered by Limited Too) that put Nelson’s company into full production. Through innovation, creativity, and outstanding problem-solving skills, Nelson has created a multi-million dollar corporation during the past 14 years.

Nelson shared 10 tips, which he refers to as “Shawnisms”, for hopeful entrepreneurs.

  1. Do Something. Nelson says t