Nina Tekwani, Professional MBA Class of 2014, shares her story of how she went from a couple of smaller firms to land her dream as Marketing Manager at Reddit Inc, and how the Professional MBA helped her get there.

“I’ll never forget some of the wise words told to me at the beginning of my program, ‘Make the most of the two years as you can, it flies by.’ Those words have never held truer than today as I am just weeks away from finishing my degree.

I had a clicking point a few months back in my MBA program, after trying to be a Project Manager. I met with the executive career coaching department on multiple occasions. We talked through some career choices that I made while in the program. For my first year and a half as an MBA student, I accepted two jobs (both of which I left quickly) that weren’t the right fit for me. I spent all this time trying to fight the career path that I was really meant for, which is in marketing. In the end, I learned that although I was exposed to many different options, there was certainly a path that I was better suited for. As soon as I accepted this, this door opened that I knew was the right career, the one I had been searching for these past few years: a marketing job at Reddit managing e-commerce strategy, aka my dream job.

I crave the intersection of technology and social media, and Reddit was what I had been looking for all along, but the job wasn’t there for me until I was truly ready for it. I am confident when I say that I would not have gotten to where I am today without the experience I received in this MBA program. Between the network I’ve built, the mentoring from professors and staff, and the confidence and clarity I’ve gained, this experience has enhanced by career ten-fold. Few bumps in the road, even while in an MBA program, should certainly never deter you. In fact, you should let it encourage you to find what’s really best for you.”