Football season is here! It’s time to tailgate with our Red Hot BBQ right around the corner!

Did you know that tailgating has supposedly been around since the 1860s? It’s rumored that tailgating begun in the latter part of the 19th Century, but other sources claim it all began in 1904 at one of Yale’s first football games when a train of private railcars could only go as far as the stadium. Forced to walk the remainder of the way, the fans were hungry and thirsty by the time they reached the stadium. Thus, they decided to pack a picnic lunch the next time they went, and tailgating was born.

Tailgating stuck and it became a favorite and beloved pastime across the country. Continuing in this same tradition, the David Eccles School of Business invites all alumni and their families to gather on Saturday, September 15th to celebrate Homecoming Weekend with our annual Red Hot BBQ.

The festivities will include family-friendly tailgating games, music, delicious barbeque items, and treats. The fun begins at 4 p.m. on the Emma Eccles Jones Plaza at the David Eccles School of Business prior to the University of Utah Homecoming Football Game, which begins at 8 p.m.

After the barbecue, the Utah vs. BYU game will be shown on large screens in the George S. Eccles Auditorium, located within the new Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building.

Space for this event is limited, so if you’re interested in attending the event, please contact Lindsay Nelson. And in preparation for the event, check out these great tailgating recipes and traditions! However, remember that this tailgating event is for the whole family to enjoy and the U is a dry campus.

We hope to see you at the Red Hot BBQ, but if you can’t make it to the tailgate, don’t worry! There are other ways for alumni, fans, and friends of the school to stay involved!

Make sure to update your contact information with us so you don’t miss out on any invites to these events and more. For our alumni out of state, we’ve got a number of events planned across the nation for you to join. Watch for invites to alumni club events coming up in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, San Franc