Queen Bey falls to Adele

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Queen Bey falls to Adele

The Grammy awards have come and go. There were tears, smiles, very expensive ugly dresses, famous people that have literally no claim to fame (yes, Kardashians’ that was a subtle jab at you), and so many amazing performances. One unexpected “performance” that everyone is talking about is Adele’s album of the year acceptance speech.

If you didn’t watch, here’s a quick recap: Adele won but Beyoncé should have and so Adele declined the award saying that it belonged to Beyoncé and they both cried and it was moving and heartwarming and we all believe in the good of humanity again.

Overall, the speech was indeed heartwarming and, for supposedly being thought of on the spot, very well done. Adele’s humility did not only benefit Beyoncé. She may have spoken about how amazing Queen Bey was for a majority of her acceptance speech, but all the while the audience was thinking about how amazing Adele was. The take away message: being nice and humble has BIG perks. Many people (or should I say potential consumers) are looking at Adele with fresh eyes. They see her as gracious and a Beyoncé supporter: two things that almost everyone agrees are necessary personality traits.

Adele and Beyoncé both benefitted from this touching moment, and we as the viewers can draw connections to the boss/employee relationship law that says that if you make your boss look good, you too will reap reward. Beyoncé (the boss obviously) gained a lot of good press for Adele’s actions, and Adele too gained a new respect from the audience around her. Symbiosis is a beautiful thing.

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