Alumni, family, and friends of the University of Utah’s Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations (QAMO) division had a great time at a pre-football on Saturday, September 16. The event was all about catching up with old friends from their university days, meeting alumni from different years, and chatting with the QAMO faculty.

The atmosphere was warm and friendly as attendees shared their personal and professional journeys since graduation. It was a chance to reconnect with fellow graduates and make new connections with alumni from different graduating classes.

One of the highlights of the event was a discussion led by QAMO Director, Scott Schaefer. He talked about the University of Utah’s recent decision to join the Big-12 Conference, connecting it to concepts from QAMO classes like game theory and econometrics. It was a fascinating look at how what they learned in class could apply to real-world decisions.

After the brunch, alumni headed to the football game, where the University of Utah faced Weber State. The U won the game with a score of 31-7, making it a great day for both academic and sports enthusiasts.

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