There are a lot of managers in the business world, but it takes something more to become a workplace leader.

The Eccles School can provide that missing piece with its professional development for Utah executives. The Executive Education office is inviting people in management positions to participate in the Executive Leadership Series, a five-day certificate program held once a month for five months that provides managers the skills and abilities they need to truly engage in a leadership role.

Jared Stephens“We’ve been hearing things like: ‘We’ve had higher sales revenue since we attended this program,’ ‘Employee morale has been so much better since we sent this manager to this program,’ ‘This manager has become someone who is not managing but is really leading,’” said Jared Stephens, manager of the Eccles School’s Executive Education program. “That feedback is so exciting to hear.”

The five classes, which focus on topics ranging from negotiations to strategic thought to turning around a struggling business, are spread out over as many months, allowing busy executives to fit the classes into their schedules more easily.