Since his election to the highest office of the land, this is the first time U.S. President Barack Obama has visited Utah. Given the propensity of Utah voters to side with Republicans, we’re thrilled President Obama has decided to visit the Beehive State.

From the touchdown of Air Force One on Thursday evening until the President is scheduled to leave mid-day on Friday, no doubt he’ll meet with many of the states elected officials and others. President Obama is scheduled to deliver a speech about the economy later this morning at Hill Air Force Base.

In preparation for the visit, the White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, told The Salt Lake Tribune:

[Utah] is an example of a state that has made smart investments in clean energy and has yielded great benefits for the economy. This is something the president has advocated in Washington, D.C., and he has not been able to make much progress, or at least as much progress as we would like, because these are proposals that are opposed by Republicans in Washington even though Republicans in Utah had deployed them to good effect.” (Read the Tribune story here).

At the Eccles School, we know a few things about the economy in Utah. In fact, this January we partnered with the Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget to produce the