Opportunity Scholars gather for annual leadership retreat

Over Fall Break, Opportunity Scholars at the David Eccles School of Business gathered at the Zion Ponderosa and Ranch Resort for a weekend leadership retreat. During this annual event, students have the opportunity to explore their potential, strengthen their leadership skills, build community, and recharge as they focus on their academic path.

Reflecting this year’s theme, Looking Back and Moving Forward, Latu Kinikini, program manager, and Rich Kaufusi, director, focused on perseverance and honoring one’s name and legacy. They reminded students that the best leaders are always taking stock of their lives and reflecting on ways to make improvements.

“I learned that leadership takes many forms and ways, and of the importance of perseverance and dedication. To never give up and keep striving for your goals no matter what the circumstances. My favorite part of this trip was being able to spend time with some friends and getting to know some new people! Being able to reconnect with the earth and appreciate the trees, water, and air that surrounds us.”

Students also had a chance to get outside and enjoy activities such as skeet shooting, hiking, horseback riding, paintballing, climbing, and more. They enjoyed meals together, formed friendships, and gathered each night for conversation and team-building.

“I learned to step out of my comfort zone and spend more time in nature and around others in an environment that I am not usually in. My most memorable moments were the group activities! It’s been a long time since we’ve all been physically together, so I enjoyed being able to build relationships with new people.”

The goal of the Opportunity Scholars Program at the Eccles School is to support and enhance the educational experience of first-generation business students as they progress toward graduation. For more information, visit Eccles.Link/opportunity-scholars.

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