The summer has been busy at the David Eccles School of Business. The second phase of the Spencer Fox Eccles Building is complete—the final touches are being added so students can start using the new classrooms and specialty rooms such as the live trading floor for the finance students. We also welcomed a new faculty member, an associate dean, and new director.

Dr. Peter Bossaerts, a leader in the growing field of neuroeconomics, joined the David Eccles School of Business in our Department of Finance. Dr. Bossaerts’ early research investigated the theoretical and empirical issues of finance and now focuses on the experimental finance and the burgeoning field of neuroscience. Dr. Bossaerts works across several academic disciplines to test, modify and extend long-held economic theories about markets and their participants through actual scientific experiments in a laboratory.

Bossaerts attributes his interest in experimentation to a period in the late ‘90s when he and CalTech peer, Charles Plott, started testing financial models in the laboratory, where they had 60 subjects trading securities alongside each other in multiple markets. “I come more out of a theory background, but I’m interested in experiments,” Bossaerts said. “From then on, I’ve been doing experiments. It’s been very slow to mature because we’re basically developing methodology as we go, learning how to run experiments and how to learn about this in an area that traditionally has done no experimentation. So, we are where physics was 400 years ago, where biology was 60 or 70 years ago.”

Dr. Uri Loewenstein, Chair of the Finance Department, adds, “We are very happy to welcome a world-class economist and a leader in the new and exciting area of neuroeconomics. We expect our students and faculty to benefit tremendously from Professor Bossaerts presence here. We also hope he will help us build new bridges between the David Eccles School of Business and the University of Utah’s Brain Institute and College of Engineering.”

Also this summer, the school welcomed Mark Parker who comes on board as the new Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs. Parker was the Associate Dean and Associate Profess