New agreements help SLCC students in OM and IS graduate faster

It just got easier for students transferring from Salt Lake Community College to finish their bachelor’s degrees in Information Systems and Operations Management at the David Eccles School of Business.

On April 26, the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College signed an articulation agreement for students interested in the Information Systems and Operations Management majors at the Eccles School.

These new agreements allow students transferring from SLCC to enter directly into the major earlier than they would otherwise be able to do. The agreement allows students in these programs to skip the requirement that they complete certain coursework at the U after transferring from SLCC before they can declare their major.

Preston Simasingh, a student who transferred from SLCC to the Eccles School to study Information Systems, is excited for the opportunity this new agreement provides students. “To be honest, I didn’t think I would make it this far. I just got admitted into our master’s program [Master’s of Science in Information Systems]. Without that kind of bridge to a larger university, I don’t think I would have made it,” said Simasingh. “I did run into problems when I transferred over [to the U]. There were a few credits that weren’t transferred over for whatever reason, but it is great to know that there are people who are putting effort into making that transition a lot smoother.”

To take advantage of this new agreement, students need to complete their Associate of Science (AS) in Business at SLCC and complete the required courses included in the articulation agreement. Students with a 3.3 cumulative GPA who meet the other requirements automatically will be admitted into the program while those with a GPA between 2.9 and 3.3 will be individually considered. Additional requirements for each specific program may be required.

Chong Oh, the director of the Information Systems undergraduate program at the Eccles School said that for students interested in IS, “the real benefit of this articulation is to open a pathway for SLCC students to obtain both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Information Systems in three years upon transferring to David Eccles School of Business.”

Sue Sundar, the director of the Operations Management undergraduate program is excited for the bridge that this agreement will build between SLCC and the Eccles School. “This is a great opportunity for undergraduates at SLCC to major in the field of Operations and Supply Chain at the Eccles School. This agreement will accelerate their access to the Operations Management program and allow them to take advantage of great internships and job opportunities with top companies in the field. The Operations Management major prepares students to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market through specialized courses that help prepare them for professional certifications like Project Management and Six Sigma.”
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