MRED Around the World student Michael Glauser writes from a rare quiet day on the journey, this time in Bangalore: 

On Sunday, we didn’t have any real estate visits, so we filled our time with other interesting things. A few of us went on an adventure to find the LDS church, while others lounged, did laundry, went on a run, and ate breakfast.

Following the morning festivities, we jumped into the van to go to a Hare Krishna Hindu temple. Every time we drove in India, i was amazed that we didn’t get into a crash. After we miraculously arrived at the temple, we found  out that no pictures were allowed inside, so words will have to do.


Everyone is required to take their shoes off, and then you wait in line to see each of the golden gods. After this, we walked through a maze of souvenirs, books, and foods in order to get back to our shoes.

When we returned to the hotel, we all decided to go on a walk through the neighborhood. We found kids playing cricket, and they were nice enough to let Mike swing the paddle. Mike hit a home run on the first “bowl”!