Melia Tourangeau speaks to Women in Business

Recently, the undergraduate club Women in Business hosted a kick-off event where they welcomed Melia Tourangeau, the President & CEO at Utah Symphony & Opera. Club officer Augustina Tang attended and offered her recount of the great event.

To start off the fall semester, the Women in Business Undergraduate Club hosted a kickoff event that featured Utah Symphony’s CEO, Melia Tourangeau, as the keynote speaker. The event was a great success with over 60 people in attendance. Students, faculty, alumni, and professionals all gathered in the Bill & Pat Child Family Community Hall to listen to the prominent female CEO.

Melia spoke about her journey which began at Oberlin College where she studied piano performance and reached its current heights with becoming the current CEO of the Utah Symphony in 2008. Although there were obstacles in her way, she never wavered from pursuing her dream career in the music industry.

Many people told her that a life directing an orchestra meant there would be no time for family. Yet, she successfully balanced work and personal life when she welcomed the birth of her daughter while she was at Grand Rapids Symphony. She continued to thrive and welcomed the birth of her son a few weeks prior to taking on the position of CEO.

Melia ended the evening by offering tips and insights that she learned from as she progressed through her career. She emphasized that balance is key and that it is possible to have both a family and a career. Melia encouraged the opportunity to experience the beauty of music by kindly giving out 50 complimentary tickets to the Utah Symphony for the following night.

You can read more about the Utah Symphony & Opera here.

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