Members of the MBA Strategy & Consulting Club at the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business have launched a consulting group to provide management consulting services to local businesses, effective Spring Semester.

Companies looking for consultants may sponsor projects for teams of up to five club members. The teams will work with company managers to tackle business problems and opportunities and present thoughtful solutions.

“We hope to build mutually beneficial relationships between current MBA students and companies in Utah,” said Kevin Weidmer, founder and director of the Utah MBA Consulting Group, “where our students get to apply what they’re learning and gain real-life experience, and companies get access to some of the brightest emerging business minds in the state.”

For students hoping to stay in Utah after graduation, the consulting group offers the opportunity to network with local leaders and demonstrate their value to potential full-time employers. In return, participating companies will benefit from innovative solutions and strategies for today’s ever-changing business environment.

“We’ve already had a lot of interest from businesses in the valley for our services,” Weidmer said. “They’re excited about the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our student consultants and benefit from our diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.”

Companies interested in soliciting the services of the Utah MBA Consulting Group can contact Weidmer at

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