Deanna Drollinger's Eccles Experience changed her life and career forever.When Deanna Drollinger joined the Eccles School as an accounting major, her goal was the same as so many college students — get a good education, study hard and graduate.

Drollinger received scholarships through the Eccles School’s Opportunity Scholars. That scholarship opened the doors she needed to engage in her Eccles experience, which has culminated in an internship offer for PwC in Dallas in the summer of 2016.

The money raised during the one-day Love Utah Give Utah campaign on March 26, 2015 helps fund scholarships like the one Drollinger received.

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As a sophomore, Drollinger joined Beta Alpha Psi and took on a leadership role as the VITA officer to help national and international students prepare and file their taxes. She then went with the accounting team on a company visit to Dallas.

“Up to that point, I hadn’t considered a career outside of Utah. But Martha (Eining) encouraged me to expand my opportunities.”

The trip proved pivotal to her career aspirations.

After the trip, Deanna was invited to PwC’s prestigious national Summer Leadership program in Atlanta to represent the North Texas office.

“Everyone was so open,” she said about the program, “We’d come together, all 500 of us, share our personal stories and insights, and grow as one team.”

Her confidence flourished as she continued to open herself up to new possibilities.

“I’m a completely different person going out