Editor’s Note: Sarah Kaye is a junior studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Business. Her goal is to start a career in Public Relations and Marketing. She recently wrote about the Lassonde Studios and why she and fellow students are excited about the innovative student housing. picture of Sarah Kaye

The Lassonde Studios are currently being built on our campus and plan to be complete in Fall 2016.  The Lassonde Studios provides 400 students with housing and space to launch innovations and be able to bring their ideas to life in the 20,000 square foot “garage.” The mission for the Lassonde Studios is “to provide transformative student experiences through innovation and entrepreneurship.”

All students are welcome to apply to live in this up and coming building, but it particularly stands out to business students.

“The Lassonde studios are going to be such a great addition to our campus, I am not going to be living in them but I am very excited for the other business students who will be,” said Madi Hayes, a business minor at t