A new partnership between the University of Utah and the U.S. Olympic Committee will help the David Eccles School of Business educate Olympians. The U.S.O.C. will also work with University Healthcare. The Eccles School will give $250,000 in scholarships and dedicated support to athletes. KSL also  reported on the new partnership:

Speedskater Derek Parra was in Milwaukee, training for the 2002 Olympics, when he crossed one foot in front of the other and pushed off the ice as he’d done hundreds of thousands of times.

But that time, Parra slipped. His back pinched up. Pain shot through his left side. Something was wrong.

There were no doctors or hospitals in Milwaukee advanced enough to treat Parra. He was confined to bed, unable to bend over, his dreams of becoming an Olympic champion shrinking before his eyes. Continue reading…


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