Want a career in consulting?

Join the Management Consulting Experience Program!

Your first step? Take the Technology Strategy course (STRAT 5850) in Spring Semester. Students who excel will be asked to become an associate in the program.

The course uses a case-study approach, allowing students to learn new skills and then apply them. Students will learn how to apply the models, tools, and frameworks that management consultants use to develop and execute successful growth strategies in the technology industry. The course also features management consultants as frequent guest speakers.

Students who are accepted to the Management Consulting Experience Program, hosted by the Sorenson Center for Discovery and Innovation, will get:

  • Hands-on experience working with clients
  • Networking opportunities with top-tier consulting firms
  • Potential summer internships with the Sorensen Center for Discovery and Innovation
  • Experience preparing them for a career in the high-paying industry of consulting

To express your interest in the course and the Management Consulting Experience Program, click here and fill out the form.