Lauren Dumke, a marketing student, recently interviewed the leaders of Business Leaders Incorporated. She then wrote a two-part blog post about this exciting new opportunity at the David Eccles School of Business. To connect with these leaders please visit here.

Here is Part Two:

After talking to Gina I spoke with Angel Demirev, BLInc’s Chief Information Officer. As a junior double majoring in Finance and Operations Management, Angel loves extracurricular activities and feels business students may be less involved than other colleges. Angel hopes to see more students get involved outside the classroom and believes BLInc to be an excellent way to achieve that goal. As Chief Information Officer Angel’s role has everything to do with creating the best flow of information to students. “I work with our marketing chair to make our communications concise, powerful, and consistent, and I’m currently working on vastly improving our student involvement websites and social media strategy. We also have a few exciting new products we’d like to offer to students to aid in involvement this fall!

Caroline Daley is a sophomore hoping exploring the possibilities of Marketing and Entrepreneurship degrees with minors in Chinese and Psychology. To her, BLInc is a support system for students in the business school to give students guidance for opportunity and potential growth. She explains that BLInc wants to see everyone in the business school grow stronger together as a community. As executive secretary for BLInc, her main job is bookkeeper. She keeps track of information said in meetings as well as important events. “My goals for this year is to make all the secretaries in other clubs know their importance in the structure of the clubs. I didn’t realize it before, but being secretary is hard work. You need lots of organizational skills in order to do fulfill your duties efficiently. I just hope that everyone is able to learn more this year and we can all help each other flourish!

Lastly I was able to hear from Melissa Rodriguez, a sophomore studying Finance. She enjoys learning foreign languages and is currently learning Japanese and improving her Spanish skills. She also loves to participate in service projects and volunteer work. These passions serve her perfectly in her role as Service Chair. Her goals for the year are “to raise awareness of the service opportunities for business students….there are endless amounts of contributions and impacts that can be made through obtaining a business degree.

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