IMG_0249My marketing internship in the Center of the Universe of the center of the known universe was awesome. In geocaching lingo, the Center of the Universe is Geocaching HQ (or Groundspeak), which is located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood (which is also officially the center of the universe).

I connected with Geocaching during a study-trip over spring break. Geocaching stood out amongst the other companies our MBA class visited and my GCMC (Graduate Career Managagement Center) career coaches encouraged me to pursue an internship position, since I had blogged about my first geocaching experience back in SLC.Annie's 013

Originally, my internship search was focused solely in Utah and I had not applied out-of-state. However, working with the GCMC helped me realize that I wanted to expand my possibilities and career growth. An internship is an opportunity to gain experience and pivot industries; moreover an internship can provide insight into a company culture, business strategy, and also is chance to explore a new city.

The GCMC edified my internship goals and helped me attain a truly awesome internship in marketing (a desired career pivot for me). My coaches not only encouraged me to apply