Inspiration and Empowerment through the YWCA

Kelsey Hunt is the Professional Development Chair of the graduate section of our Women in Business club. Recently the David Eccles School of Business had the opportunity to host a table at the annual YWCA luncheon at the Grand America. Several students, including Kelsey, attended the event. Kelsey offered a nice recap about the event and the inspirational work of the YWCA. Read Kelsey’s words here:

The YWCA is an inspiring organization whose mission is to eliminate racism, empower women, and to promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Since its birth in 1906 here in Northern Utah, the YWCA has remained a voice for women, a force for change, and a place of hope. All women are welcome to come to this organization to receive help for any challenges they may be facing. They continue to push for equality among women and offer the resources women need to feel empowered. I feel this organization has done a tremendous job in strengthening our force as women and know their fight will continue as the world continues to change bringing new challenges to people of all genders, ethnicities, and ages.

A few of our WiB members, including myself, had the pleasure of attending this inspiring event. I was in awe by the number of individuals throughout the community who were there to support this important organization. I was uplifted as I listened to the CEO Anne Burkholder and her counterparts speak about the success of the YWCA and its bright future. There were six women who were recognized in the community for their influential work that has helped YWCA’s mission to come to pass.

We were honored to hear from our keynote speaker, Olympia Snow, a former US Senator from Maine. Snow shared the challenges and successes of entering politics at a time when she was one of just a handful of women. Though she did not always share the same views as the other women in the House of Representatives or Senate, she was amazed by the willingness of the women to collaborate and work together. During her last few years in the Senate, the partisanship between the Republicans and the Democrats became so significant, she knew her ability to bring the individuals together was better served from the outside. She is now devotes her life to influencing voters to make a change as a Senior Fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center. During this luncheon I felt Snow wanted us to understand the importance of working with others with a collaborative nature, even if we don’t have the same ideals. Nothing can be accomplished for good if we refuse to open our minds to the perspectives of those who are different than us.

This event was a wonderful experience and presented many opportunities for us as the WiB at the David Eccles School of Business to reach out to the community to purse the missions and goals we share with the YWCA. At this point we are looking to set up opportunities to offer our experience and knowledge to assist the women seeking help through the YWCA. We are hoping to empower by helping them to build their careers and by sharing our experiences that will allow more women to enter the work force with confidence and success.


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