The Business Scholars program and the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute of the David Eccles School of Business are proud to announce the winners of the inaugural 2014 Student Innovation Showcase. 
Student teams presented their ideas to faculty, community members and staff in a tradeshow-style event on March 21. Awards were given for “Best Pitch,” “Best Prototype,” “Best Branding” and “Best Idea.”
Through the competition, the freshmen students explored their interests along with problems needing to be solved in the world. Matched by common passions, the student teams developed an idea for a product, company or non-profit enterprise. Teams worked independently for 10 weeks to create a prototype, test their ideas through market research, explore costs and pricing for their idea and design a showcase “pitch.”
The judges spent a morning engaging with the students and helping select the winners. Team-award plaques will be hung in the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building at a location to be determined. 
2014 Awards
·         Best Pitch – Produce Partnership – Kelsey Paulding, Parker Scott, Yiliang Shi, Augustina Tang (pictured above)
·         Best Prototype – Build a Backpack – Sierra Allen, Brynne Lindstrom, Karen Quach, Christopher Rowe