Ben Hale is a recent graduate of the David Eccles School of Business. Utilizing the tools available to all students both academically and professionally, he was able to secure a great job at General Motors in Phoenix. Recently he wrote a nice account of his first impressions of his budding career. Read Ben’s words here:

I’ve been at GM for a little over three months now in Phoenix, Arizona. It has been a wonderful experience where I have gained world class training in the some of the latest technology. I’ve been involved in some really fun, exciting projects including software development and business intelligence. Their training program is excellent and has allowed me the opportunity to gain experience in the latest software development, and business intelligence tools. GM has given me the ability to learn more than I ever thought in a variety of IT capacities.

There is a lot of opportunity to learn, and grow a great career here at GM. They are hiring IS, Engineering, and CS majors from all over the country. It is a very fun, and diverse workforce that keeps things interesting and exciting. I’ve learned a ton while here at GM, but one of the most beneficial things is that there are a lot of experienced people around you to help and guide you. You can also take advantage of some of the awesome resources that a Fortune 500 company has to offer. I wasn’t at all a software developer before but I have been given the tools to succeed with a solid leadership to give me good council and training. Relocation is also really easy with GM. They have done it a million times and help out in every way possible; and most importantly they do take care of you. GM provides you with a personal consultant that takes care of all the details from moving your cars, belongings, storage, and even jobs for your spouse or partner. All in all a great experience so far!