Infuse Medical to support Games4Health Challenge

Utah Valley has earned the name Silicon Slopes because of companies such as Infuse Medical.

Located in Lehi, Utah, Infuse Medical offers award-winning healthcare industry marketing and training service. Using extensive 3D and software development experience in the medical device and diagnostics space, Infuse Medical partners with the world’s largest medical device manufactures to develop mobile apps and content for promotional and clinical education, sales training and marketing. Medical Marketing and Media has recognized the Utah digital agency as a top provider of mobile apps for healthcare professionals for the past five years.

Infuse Medical employs inventive developers and creatives to work on highly complex mobile offerings and integrations, and founding partner Jordan Erickson recognizes the value in providing next-generation university students the opportunity to merge technology and imagination. In support of innovation, Infuse Medical has donated funds to support the 2017 Games4Health Challenge, the digital design competition hosted by the Sorenson Center for Discovery & Innovation at the David Eccles School of Business.

“We’ve participated in studies produced by some of the largest medical device manufacturers in the world,” Erickson noted, “and we’ve identified areas where mobile applications and gamification will improve or transform how buyers do business with medical device manufacturers. A few of these include: bite-size educational tools that are self-paced, mobile apps that are dynamically managed and measured, and immersive VR/AR Training and Education that accelerates adoption of technology and technique.”

Drawing participation and support from around the globe, the Games4Health Challenge brings together students, health experts, donors, investors and researchers who are committed to shaping positive change. “Games4Health is a genius program in which real-world healthcare challenges are identified, and proposed mobile solutions that create real behavioral change are provided,” and, Erickson added, “Games4Health perfectly aligns with Infuse Medical’s mission statement of Accelerate the Transfer Of Knowledge™.”

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The Games4Health Challenge is the largest event of its kind in the world. Students compete in six different Challenge Categories: Happy Fitness, Corporate Wellness, Clinical Health, Chronic Disease, Mental Wellbeing and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality.

Registration is open until February 10, 2017, and the submissions deadline is March 8, 2017. Register now at

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