Crazy to think that we are halfway through the fall semester, but it is that time to register for spring 2016 semester and apply for graduation.

Important dates to keep in mind

Admission Deadline                      Nov. 1, 2015

Registration Dates                         Nov. 5, 2015

Deadline for Graduation               Nov. 2, 2015

Open Enrollment                           Nov. 30, 2015

Upper Division Orientation         Nov. 2, 2015

Eccles School Upper Division      Jan. 25, 2016

Holiday Recess                               Dec. 19-Jan. 10, 2016

Grades Available                            Dec. 29, 2015

Spring Semester Begins               Jan. 11, 2016

Tuition Due                                    Jan. 22, 2016

Get your classes early so you don’t have to worry about your schedule. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Spring calendar general dates

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