The team in our Operations Management department has worked to develop a strategic partnership with IM Flash Technologies in recent years, and the effort is paying off for both the Lehi-based high-tech company and the students of the David Eccles School of Business.

The school has become a pipeline of sorts of quality job and internship candidates. In 2013, IM Flash hired four graduating Operations Management students and three interns to work in the company’s plant in Utah County.

When IM Flash Technologies representatives visited campus in the fall to coordinate future projects for students to work on, they brought with them $3,000 in scholarship funds, as well as a plaque of a silicon wafer to show their appreciation for the school’s efforts, and those of Operations Management Program Director and Assistant Professor Tariq Mughal (pictured holding the plaque).

“To Tariq Mughal, thank you for helping mold the cornerstones of a partnership between the University of Utah Operations Management Program and IM Flash Technologies,” the plaque says. “This partnership has enabled both career opportunities for University of Utah students and high-caliber team member hires for IM Flash.”

The silicon wafer contains 2,180 dies, with each die containing 65,536 transistors, which are the most basic building blocks of any electronic device. The transistors are manufactured at IM Flash’s $5 billion facility where our Operations Management graduates and current students are clearly making their presence felt.