The story of Heaven Cupcake starts with my desire to have a company of my own with a market-worthy product and healthy culture (which I feel a lot of companies are currently missing, but that is a whole other story).

I was a newlywed and a student at the University of Utah in 2010 when I established Heaven Cupcake. My wife, Cori, and I had recently moved from Houston, Texas to Salt Lake City (my hometown). Luckily, prior to our move, Cori accepted a position with the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. Through her job, I was introduced to The Foundry, a business incubator helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into successful businesses with the help of a peer network. The peer interaction at The Foundry was instrumental in my early success with Heaven Cupcake. Through that network I found someone to design my logo, my website, and a chef to help create our recipes. I also found someone to help create an audition video (and an assistant to star in that video) that I shared with the producers at Food Network’s Cupcake Wars (which luckily, they loved). Without these resources at my disposal, the story of Heaven Cupcake might have been a very short one.

As I was busy creating my brand, I was also purchasing a truck. You see, our original business plan was to have a cupcake truck roaming the streets of Salt Lake City, using social media to advertise our location, and thus selling our amazing cupcakes to the masses. Thi