Often times, alumni, especially business school alumni, wonder how they can create a long and prosperous career. Off the top of my head, I would say it’s as simple as:

  1. Know how to fix the copier and the coffee machine
  2. Be reliable

Alas, that’s too glib. Bringing value to the workplace is essential to securing your future career and employment aspirations while you create job satisfaction. Each of us wants to take pride in the work we produce and wants to be recognized for our uniqueness. So what are the best ways to demonstrate to the boss that he or she would be losing too much to let you go?

  1. Teamwork. Have the “no job is too small” mentality. Your attitude demonstrates your determination to get the results needed on projects and long-term goals. It also contributes to a positive work environment and creates a culture focused on achievement.
  2. Contribute often. It’s essential to execute your job requirements effectively, but equally important to bring your thought-leadership outside your cubicle walls. Invest yourself in the company as a whole to find ways to be more efficient, productive, and more competitive. Sit down with your manager to discuss how you can take on more responsibility or try new job functions in order to expand your skill set while becoming an asset to your group or department.
  3. Go above and beyond. A job is more than a description of tasks that need to be completed between 9-5. Keep your eyes open for ways you can help co-workers, take on special projects, or initiate new functions. Your eagerness and flexibility will show your value while opening yourself up for more job opportunities.