HEROic actions by student save life of Syracuse man

  • The HEROic actions of Utah HERO Project student worker Ethan Edwards saved the life of an unconscious Syracuse man while waiting for an ambulance.

HEROic actions by student save life of Syracuse man

It’s not called Utah HERO for nothing!

While working on the Utah Health & Economic Recovery Outreach (HERO) project on June 1, 2020 in Syracuse, Utah, University of Utah student Ethan Edwards encountered an unconscious adult male who was not breathing. Ethan sprung into action, immediately performing CPR on the man until an ambulance crew arrived at the scene. 

Because of Ethan’s heroic actions, the patient survived and is now at home expecting to make a full recovery. Syracuse Fire Chief Aaron Byington has personally thanked Ethan and brought him to the Syracuse station to meet the ambulance crew who responded to the call. In an email, Byington wrote, “There is no doubt in my mind that Ethan’s actions this day resulted in the positive outcome for this patient…What a great individual you have working for you!”

The Eccles School would like to thank Ethan for his courageous actions on June 1. We truly have a Hero working in our HERO project! 

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