Several students are taking business classes in Paris through a summer program sponsored by the David Eccles School of Business, exploring the city, its culture and its business landscape. We’ll be sharing several of their experiences here.  We start with student Ashley Teter, who writes about starting the trip, and exploring one of the 20 unique districts making up the French city. 

Ashley writes:

Here I am in Paris for my two-month study abroad trip with the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. I’m still having a hard time actually believing that I’m here even though it’s already been two weeks. For the first month of my stay I’m taking an independent study class where I will be traveling around to the 20 different arrondissements (aka “districts”) of Paris and writing this blog about my experiences in each one. I’ll be documenting some of the top tourist attractions and architectural structures that are specific to each neighborhood. Other points of interest I’ll be covering as apart of the assignment are how much cost of living differs between the districts. Prices for hotels and basic groceries can vary a lot even within a few blocks of each other.

In addition to this blog being used for the assignment I described above I’ll also just be posting pictures and some fun things I’ve done to keep family and friends up to date. I feel so grateful to have this experience to be just a tourist in Paris. I have two months to really explore the culture and meet the people instead of just a quick stop to see the Eiffel Tower. Even after two weeks I already feel like I’ve seen another side to Paris than I expected and I can’t wait to share the rest of my trip with you all!

Demographics and Prices

  • Total Population: 17,614 in 2009
  • % of Residents Born in Metropolitan France: 77.80%
  • % of Residents that are Non-EU immigrants: 9.70%
  • Two Star Hotel Rate for Double Room: 124 € a night
  • Price of