The recipe for a good book includes almost 3,800 haiku poems written by 2,060 university students over a period of 12 years, juried by 6 university, community and business leaders for 1 professor whose sections of Foundations of Business Thought those students took.  The result was a book entitled, Haikus on Business.

Professor Cal Boardman initiated the Foundations of Business Thought course as a part of a University Professor award in the early 1990s. The class introduces students to the world of commerce through the insightful words of business leaders, economists, explorers, historians, poets, sociologist and many others whose lives are not easily classified into a single category. The course is designed to challenge students to consider how his or her own existence interacts with the ebb and flow of commercial activity.

In early 2000, he began requiring students to write haiku poems as the final project as a way to concentrate their feelings and thoughts about