Navigating the unknown. We’re all doing that right now, aren’t we? Seems like most people are wondering: Will the decisions I made yesterday have merit when the crisis is over? Or, how can I find the confidence to make positive change in such turbulent times?

The Goff Strategic Leadership Center acknowledges the significant challenges associated with volatility and uncertainty and recommends focusing not on the past, but on the decisions you can be making now, and the opportunities you have to support others.

Taking on the role of ‘Navigating the Unknown’ for yourself and others is one of the Six Principles of Strategic Leadership.  The Center’s Managing Director, Dr. Trish Gorman, has been researching and producing insights on Navigating the Unknown, decision-making under uncertainty and Leading in Disruptive Times for most of her long career. While this topic is directly relevant now, we also find that other strategic leadership principles such as self-awareness, clearly communicating your vision of the future, and taking ownership of results, are vitally important for leaders at every level of the organization and across the communities where we live and work. You can watch the event on Youtube here.

The Center hosts a monthly meetup for current students and alumni of the MBA programs at the David Eccles School of Business as part of their ongoing programming. To benefit the U’s community at this unprecedented time, the Center swiftly converted their March meetup to a virtual workshop and opened it to the public. The workshop enabled participants to share their concerns and achievements and concentrated on tools and frameworks anyone can use to analyze their options, process emotions, and re-frame perspectives when working with unknown parameters.

Tuesday’s workshop participants included current undergraduate and graduate students, alumni of EMBA and Executive Education programs, and industry professionals. Attendees left with action steps and reported renewed energy and focus on key priorities.

Gorman has been featured on the Workfront Done Right podcast series, where she provides insights on the Six Principles of Strategic Leadership on seven separate episodes. Episode 16 focuses specifically on Navigating the Unknown. Tuning in to these podcasts is another easy way to learn about and obtain clear ideas for how to apply the Principles of Strategic Leadership that are crucial in the current public health and economic circumstances.

If you missed the workshop, you can join the next virtual meetup on April 21 at 6:30 p.m. using this link: The Goff Center will discuss The Power of Authenticity for Strategic Leaders, a subject many will benefit from as the virtual leader’s role and skill-set evolve in the world’s new normal.  Future meetups will be held on May 19 and June 16. All details will be added to the website soon.

You can listen to Workfront’s Done Right podcasts wherever you subscribe – the direct link to the segment on Navigating the Unknown on Apple is here.

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