Business Operations major Sarah Parker, who is also working on a minor in Russian Language, had the chance to put her business savvy and Russian skills to the test with a position at the Sochi Olympic Games. She shares her experience, and some amazing photos, with us here. 

Sarah writes:  

Years ago, I was bumming around in my friend’s attic and found a book face-down on the floor. I picked it up out of curiosity or boredom, and read from the center of the book about the General’s three beautiful daughters, who run the household. That book was “The Idiot” by Dostoevsky. It’s now my favorite book of all time.

After Dostoevsky, I started in on Tolstoy and other Russian authors, and I was struck with their interesting psychology. I began to be interested in Russia the country.

I thought I’d go there (I like traveling,) but I wanted to pick up a little of the language. What I didn’t know is that you don’t pick up a little Russian. I started taking language courses at the U and fell headlong into the cultish world of Russia lovers. There are dozens of us!

When the Olympics came to SLC I brushed them off as just a big sports event, until I saw the excitement it caused and started to sense the scope. Then I checked out a videocassette from