Internships are an invaluable learning tool for any major, but in the business school environment internships reign supreme as part of the learning process. The David Eccles School of Business strives to go above and beyond to cultivate relationships with top firms and organizations. These relationships assist our top-tier career management team in putting students into these learning opportunities.

Matt Wariner is an operations management student who recently interned at Frito-Lay, a division of Pepsico, with HR manager Gene Paik. Pepsico is the second largest food and beverage business in the world with annual revenues over $40 billion and Frito-Lay generates 31% of the firm’s annual sales. Along with fellow interns from other Utah schools, he learned about the inner workings of a large-scale operations firm. Recently Matt worked with career counselor Kate Peleshak for a brief Q&A about the experience.


What are you most proud of while interning?

Matt: I am most proud of the contributions I’ve been able to make. I was able to develop a tool that is being utilized by the Service & Distribution Director and warehouse managers as well as a corporate team in charge of automating plants across the company. I had a great project and they trusted me to get results.

What is something you learned in class you applied at your internship? 

Matt: I have applied many things from my statistics classes while interning. I’ve used regression analysis and other statistical tools.

Do you have advice for potential interns?

Matt: My advice is to go for it. Don’t be nervous about interning. Not everyone will be lucky enough to intern with Frito-Lay; but find an internship somewhere and do it. Jump right in and work hard and the experience will be very rewarding.

What is the best thing about interning at Frito-Lay?

Matt: The best thing about interning at Frito Lay has been the people I’ve met and worked with. They have all been wonderful and have taught me many things that will help me in my future career.  

Pictured, left to right: Taylor Bean, Utah State Student Intern, Matt Wariner, University of Utah Student Intern, Chantelle Russell, BYU Student Intern, Gene Paik, Pepsico HR Manager

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