Four takeaways from the Operations & Supply chain student and alumni panel

The Operations & Supply Chain (OSC) undergraduate program held a student and alumni panel last month. Organized by Program Director Sue Sundar, this event featured OSC students and alumni from several companies, including PepsiCo, Micron, Intermountain Healthcare, Goldman Sachs, HealthEquity, and Via. The enthusiasm for this program was evident as students questioned panelists and heard real-life stories of how the major prepared them for success.

A degree in OSC gives you options

Across the board, alumni emphasized how this degree gave them the option to explore a career in several different industries, including many represented by the panel such as finance, healthcare, tech, etc. It provides them the security and flexibility within the job market, knowing their skills are not confined to a single industry.

 The OSC major gives you a complete skill set

The combination of both hard and soft skills that a degree in OSC provides is often a differentiator for companies looking beyond the basics for creative employees with cross-functional expertise in areas such as project management, risk analysis, process improvement, procurement, operation research analysis, leadership, strategic sourcing, etc. The degree also offers courses that prepare you for certifications in Six-Sigma and Project Management (PMP). Jennifer from Goldman Sachs spoke of how these skills allow her to move beyond merely analyzing and developing improved processes to effectively communicate this information with institutional shareholders in New York. 

OSC’s capstone gives you the practical experience you need

OSC is the only undergraduate degree within the David Eccles School of Business to include a capstone course. In the last year of the program, this course pairs students with top companies such as Intermountain Healthcare, PepsiCo, Micron, GE Healthcare, and other international companies to give students a real-world experience to take with them after graduation. One Eccles School alum, Dailee, from Micron emphasized the preparation her capstone provided and how it set her apart from other applicants.

OSC allows you to have a real impact in your chosen field

Andrei from Intermountain Healthcare highlighted the real impact an OSC degree can give you in this growing industry. He shared his own experience of analyzing and improving the supply chain for healthcare, allowing for better patient outcomes and reduced cost.

For more information about OSC, contact program director and professor Sue Sundar at or speak with your academic advisor.



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