Education used to be a luxury. That was long ago, about 100 years, when we were all working in our fields, or for our families, and staying close to home. Then things changed. Jump forward 50, 60, 70 years and we realize that we most likely have to have a degree to compete for the best salaries and the kind of life we prefer.

Now we look at today. Our time. Things have changed some more. The competitive edge of our bachelor’s degrees has thinned. And once again, it’s tough to get the best jobs, to provide ourselves with the best in life. Now we feel the necessity for more education.

But why? What would a master’s degree do for us really? How can it help us prepare for the life of tomorrow?

I remember that same thought. Like many others, I found that my bachelor’s degree, while providing me a few years of challenge and improvement, was not enough. I wanted to move on to bigger things and greater accomplishment.

In walks the master’s degree. I surprised myself actually. After I had graduated with my bachelor’s, I thought I’d had enough of school. Instead, I found my master’s program to be much more fulfilling than my bachelor’s. And, after less than two years, I was on to some of the most exciting and satisfying work I had ever enjoyed.

So, here are a few of the benefits people find in moving on up educationally.

  1. Intellectual Challenge and Growth– Learning becomes different—smaller classes, teachers who do work or have worked years in the field, interactive discussions and relevant course work. It’s truly a thrill.
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