Five Things to Bring on Your Business Scholars Trip

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  • Five things to bring on your Business Scholars trip

Five Things to Bring on Your Business Scholars Trip

Fall is an exciting time, especially in the David Eccles School of Business. Here the changing of the season means more than vibrant leaves, the copious amounts of sweaters and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. For all of the freshman and transfer Business Scholars, Fall is the time of year for excursion and adventure. It’s the time of year for the Business Scholars trips.

I think that many of us have had the problem of feeling completely unprepared because you didn’t bring the right items on a trip. With that in mind, here are five items that should absolutely be on your packing list for your Business Scholars trip.

1. A carry-on size bag

On a business trip especially, it is crucial that you bring a carry-on size bag. Keeping a smaller bag with you allows you to move quicker, keep your luggage in sight and practice good packing skills. There is always that one person on a trip having trouble carrying their 50-pound suitcase up the stairs of a train station. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON. Come prepared with a proper suitcase that you won’t have to dread carrying around.

2. A business suit or business attire

A business suit should be at the top of your list when you are heading out for a business trip. Normally before the trip, you will be told what you need to pack whether that is business professional wear or just a button-up shirt and slacks. You never want to feel or look out of place until you show up to a business professional event in jeans and a t-shirt.

3. Comfortable walking shoes

Many of us know that painful sting of a new blister. That is never fun to deal with, especially if you are walking through a city where there isn’t a lot of time to sit down. Don’t overestimate your feet. Bring comfortable walking shoes even if they are that pair of ugly flats that you never want to wear. Take the ugly flats over the 3-inch heals EVERY SINGLE TIME. There is nothing worse than getting several blisters on the first day of your trip and having to hobble through the city and company visits the remainder of the time. Comfy walking shoes are a must. This is the time to sacrifice looks in favor of comfort.

4. Extra spending money

Although the Eccles School provides you with money for food and they give you three meals a day, that doesn’t mean that you should leave extra cash at home. BRING IT. As college kids, it’s normal that we are hungry all the time. Snacking is real and wanting to try new food is inevitable, so bring extra money to buy that sweet treat in Pike Place Market or pulled-pork sandwich at the Texas State Fair.

5. Questions for what could be your future employer

Since this is a business trip, be prepared to visit a few companies. Always do your research on the companies you’ll be visiting before you arrive, and bring questions to ask. Companies are looking for interested college students to recruit. Bringing questions and prior knowledge about the company to your visit will place you one step ahead of others. Be interested, be alert and be brave about talking to these professionals.

By coming prepared with these five things, your Business Scholars trip will be very adventurous, exciting and successful. Above all, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Good luck with your future travels!

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