Five inspirational quotes from the Sorenson Impact Summit

The seventh annual Sorenson Impact Summit with SOCAP Global took place May 25 through May 27. The summit featured three days of inspirational conversations around innovations in impact investing, building equitable entrepreneur ecosystems, the future of higher education, and using data to drive impact.

This year, the summit gathered virtually, with the objective of delivering a more inclusive and accessible summit. For three days, the programming explored innovations and sparked discussion around the systems that we believe can drive the greatest impact toward a more just and flourishing society.

For those who couldn’t make it, you can still register and view Summit recordings for 30 days. See recordings in the drop-down details for each session on the agenda.

The Summit featured dozens of speakers, innovators, and activists from all walks of life.

  • Sir Ronald Cohen, chair, The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment
  • Ruth V. Watkins, president of Strada Impact and former president of the University of Utah
  • JaNay Queen Nazaire, Chief Strategy Officer of Living Cities
  • Ben McAdams, former U.S. Representative and Salt Lake County mayor

These were just a few of the names that guests were able to hear from during the summit. While the summit was packed with inspiration, wisdom, and innovative ideas, here are five quotes from various speakers and guests.

“There is always a solution through innovation and collaboration.” Jim Sorenson, president, Sorenson Impact Foundation

“We think the first principle of human design should be: whatever we are designing, product, services, or system structures, the first principle of design should be that we are designing for the benefit of everyone.” Stephen DeBerry, founder & managing partner, Bronze

“Private capital does have space to intervene and redirect social change for the better.” — Ben McAdams, former U.S. Representative and Salt Lake County mayor

“There is a lot of conversation around supporting Black entrepreneurs, but not enough about how you support the organizations that exist to support Black entrepreneurs.” — Kelly Burton, Executive Director, Black Innovation Alliance

“You shouldn’t have to compromise social impact to achieve financial returns.” — Jackie Khor, vice president, Social Investment at Social Finance, Inc.

For more information on the Sorenson Impact Center, visit their website here.

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