Make your first semester a success!

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Make your first semester a success!

Going to college is one of the first big steps you take in your life. It is always helpful to have a little bit of guidance as to what might be important to focus on, especially in this new chapter of your life. As someone who has been in college for a few years now, here are some things that I feel are important to do in your first semester.

Get involved

I cannot stress this enough. You will never not benefit from getting involved! Entering college, you may or may not know what you want to study. If you do know, join a club that gets you involved in that area of study. If you don’t know what you want to do, clubs are the perfect way to explore different areas that you might be interested in! Either way, being a part of a club will help guide you and can look great on a resume. Find more info at or

Don’t skip class

You finally have control of your schedule, your parents aren’t telling you what to do, and it can be easy to get caught up in that freedom. Just remember that your grades and performance now will stay with you for the rest of college. Don’t let the temptation of skipping class be the reason you miss out on an opportunity in the future.

Attend events

One of the most fun things you can do is go to campus events. There are plenty to choose from – whether it’s a business networking event or a football game, there is always something going on. Learn more at and

Time management

Your first semester of college is the best time to try new time-management skills to see what works best for you. You will need these skills for at least the next four years, so don’t be afraid of something not working out. It’s better to weed out the things you don’t like than stick with the mediocre. I suggest using a planner to block out times for class, homework, and then free time so you already know what you should be doing.

Have fun!

College is supposed to be fun! Check out Salt Lake City, go out to dinner with your friends, explore hiking trails in the area, and find a hobby you can do in your free time that helps relieve stress.

Kade Schweitzer is a Pre-Business student at the David Eccles School of Business. He currently serves as an intern for the Marketing + Communications team.

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