While the consulting industry has been around for quite some time, it has become re-popularized as a top career choice in recent years. Throughout the Spring 2023 semester, the David Eccles School of Business hosted top-ranked consulting firms, including Bain & Company and McKinsey & Company, to network, present, and offer job and internship opportunities to students.

Why choose consulting as a career?

When it comes to career planning as a college student, we know the options can be daunting. Consulting offers options, as you can specialize in the skills you’ll use for a company’s client base. In addition, most consulting jobs don’t follow the typical “9-5” work week, and there tends to be a lot more variety regarding the day-to-day. Harvard Business Review provided insight into why consulting might be an excellent fit for you when exploring potential career paths. “It’s all about soft skills…empathy, which comprises listening skills and knowing which questions to ask, and agility, which is the open-mindedness to challenge your own assumptions in the broadest sense.” Besieux, 2020. Consulting involves active listening, collaboration, and a constant willingness to learn more.

What current students have to say

During an on-campus info session led by McKinsey, members of the Eccles Management Consulting Club offered their thoughts and insights on why they wanted to pursue consulting as a career path:

  • “Consulting is an awesome career path because it allows people to develop their problem-solving skills; any business will need someone who can problem-solve. It can also help you develop more as a professional and do whatever you want after working in the consulting field.” ~Harrison Creer, Senior, Finance Major, Consulting Club President
  • “When it comes to consulting, the most interesting thing to me is the opportunity to learn. Being a consultant means having exposure to all sorts of industries. Having that experience will not only be fun for me but actually trains me to have an impact in this world. Learning more about the economy here in the US and globally will help me learn more and craft answers to questions that need it.” ~Jason Collyer, Senior, QAMO Major, Consulting Club Member
  • “I have been interested in management consulting because I like working in a group setting and as a team. You can learn about a lot of industries and work on a variety of projects. As far as my professional life goes, I think it will give me a lot of direction because I can learn so many different things since I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to do.” ~ Emma Hughes, Finance Major, Consulting Club Member

How can I learn more?

Business Career Services at the David Eccles School of Business, housed within the University Career Success Center, works closely with employers to help students obtain internships and jobs. If consulting sounds like a career path you’d be interested in, we can help you. Meet with your Career Coach, get involved in the Management Consulting Club, employer info sessions, and apply for internships. Schedule your appointment today at Eccles.link/BCS.

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