Ensuring the next generation of business leaders has a firm foundation in ethics is an important part of students’ education at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. This year, six faculty and six staff will be honored for their contributions to ethics education with the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Leadership in Ethics Education Awards for the 2013-2014 school year.

The faculty members were chosen due to the creation of new ethics-related courses, integration of new business ethics content into their existing courses, mentorship of students on ethics initiatives and making business ethics a permanent part of the fabric of the Eccles School and its curriculum. Staff members were selected for their dedication and contributions to Daniels Ethics Initiative efforts.

Each faculty and staff member will receive a monetary award, a plaque and a medallion at this spring’s Eccles School awards ceremony. The monetary part of the award reflects the breadth and depth of the contribution to ethics education.

The faculty honorees are:

  • Jay Barney – professor and chair of entrepreneurship and strategy
  • Kristina Diekmann – professor and chair of management
  • A. Glade Ellingson – adjunct professor, University of Utah Counseling Center
  • Paul Hu – professor, Operations and Information Systems
  • James Ruble – PharmD, J.D. Pharmacotherapy, College of Pharmacy
  • Zhou Yu – associate professor of social and behavioral science

The staff honorees are:

  • Mikel Brownie – facility manager
  • Lauren Dill – career counselor
  • Mark Fowles – integration engineer, IT Department
  • Dana Sowby – director Undergraduate Career Management Center
  • Dave Harris – MBA director
  • Buzz Welch – director of Business Scholars