The Business Scholars students in the unique freshman cohort at the David Eccles School of Business recently took a trip to sunny SoCal to visit companies they’ve studied in class, meet with area alumni, see the sights and take in the Utah Utes football game against the USC Trojans at the legendary LA Coliseum. While the game didn’t go so well, Business Scholar Kevin Tao writes that the trip was still well worth it.

Here is Kevin’s report on the Business Scholars’ trip:

One hundred and ten college freshman on a plane from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles—it sounds like the beginning of a joke, and despite my incredulity that it was happening, all the Business Scholars and the faculty were flying to L.A. to visit companies and have fun together.

The first day, I was fortunate enough to be in the group visiting Capitol Records and Deloitte. After reading about these companies beforehand, we went prepared with questions. First up: Capitol Records.

As the bus rolled into Hollywood, we could feel the distinctiveness of the district. The streets were lined with storefronts, and in the middle of the bustle of box-shaped buildings, Capitol Records assertively pointed up. Unintentionally looking like a records stacked on a needle, the main body of the building had a rectangular base with a jazz mural on one end visible from the street. The mural loomed over the parking lot next to the building, its sheer size impressing.

Once inside, we learned about how a recording studio was structured and used. After discussing the nature of the recording business, a representative of the company answered our questions, also taking time to share tasty tidbits about the company, including their hosting of Arcade Fire for a promotional performance of their new album, Reflektor. If only we had gone a few days later.

After visiting Capitol Records, we had lunch at Palms Thai and had some time to wander around Hollywood before going to Deloitte. The presentation