Panelists from the Utah Department of Workforce Services, Envision Utah, and the City of South Salt Lake will convene on May 14, 2015 to discuss the role poverty plays in the Utah economy, and current efforts underway to reduce intergenerational poverty.

While Utah currently enjoys a low unemployment rate and robust growth, the state is no different than others around the nation when it comes to the persistent presence of poverty. Three years ago, the Utah Legislature adopted the “Intergenerational Poverty Mitigation Act,” directing state agencies to track poverty over generations using administrative records with the goal of reducing intergenerational poverty among Utah children as they become adults. This research has demonstrated that 33 percent of Utah’s children currently in poverty are at risk of remaining in poverty into adulthood. Panelists will address the theory and analysis of poverty in the economy, the need to address long-term family poverty, and the relationship between program implementation and broader economic outcomes.

The program will include participation and discussion from the following panelists:


Jon Pierpont, Executive Director, Department of Workforce Services