The David Eccles School of Business teaches, coaches and works alongside current and future business leaders. The school espouses five values that form the foundation of educational and professional success in the lives of students, alumni and the Eccles School team.


Students who engage in the Eccles Experience undergo a transformation of self. A freshman who enters here leaves as a different, more well-rounded, skilled and thoughtful individual. Students engage with new ideas and embrace new mindsets as they become proud Eccles School graduates. Faculty and staff continually strive for mastery of trade and craft. We value both who we are and what we’re becoming.


The faculty at the Eccles School excels in research, serving as thought leaders in every business field and keeping their students at the cutting-edge of understanding. Students who attend the Eccles School are some of the brightest among their peers. Regardless of their personal or professional environments, our alumni are known for their diligent work ethic, wisdom beyond their years, and bright, inventive solutions to difficult challenges.


The Eccles School helps students find new, novel approaches to doing business. Faculty encourage outside-the-box thinking for individual learning. Imaginative, critical thinking skills are taught and applied across the business school campus and in our alum’s workplaces around the world.


The University of Utah is recognized as a top U.S. entrepreneurial environment for students, thanks largely to support from Eccles School graduates and donors, and the vision of school leaders. Students who want to create their own businesses find complete support and fertile soil at the Eccles School. Students also find their inner entrepreneur by thinking creatively inside the classroom and on the job.


The Eccles School is a valuable community partner. Its institutes and centers deliver academic research and willingly support community initiatives. Its students and graduates become upstanding, contributing members of individual communities who give back through v