Eccles graduate students dive into Domo & Layton Construction Hackathon

The big, blue DOMO bus was on campus this fall, which signified the return of the DOMO & Layton Construction Hackathon hosted by the Information Systems department at the David Eccles School of Business. 

For this competition, undergraduate and graduate students teams are presented with a real-world problem and are tasked to formulate a solution using the DOMO Business Intelligence (BI) platform and present their proposition to a panel of judges. The catch? Teams have only 24 hours to complete and present their project. 

The event kicked off on a Friday afternoon as the caffeinated students worked through the night. Blurry-eyed, the teams presented their solutions to the judges the following day to win cash prizes, earn DOMO certifications, interviews, and internships.  

Check out the videos to see what it’s like to be a graduate student participating in the Hackathon, what important but sometimes overlooked aspect of data is imperative with analytics, and which team placed in the competition. 

Participating in these experiential learning competitions provides students with hands-on experience and valuable networking opportunities. Even if you don’t win, you can still score big with company connections and a career with, hopefully, more reasonable project deadline expectations.

In Carolina’s vlog, get a glimpse of what it is like to be a participant in the Domo Hackathon and hear from some of her fellow participants about how they feel as well. She covers the awards ceremony and the winners.

Follow Brenda as she participates in the Domo Hackathon. She gives you a glimpse of what it was like working on the project, how well her team performed, other participants’ input, and what they did to celebrate afterward.

Eve’s vlog gives you a great sneak peek into what it is like to attend and participate in the Domo Hackathon. She gives great award ceremony footage, and what her friends and teammates did afterward to celebrate.

Follow Pearl as she attends the Domo Hackathon event. In her vlog, you will get to see Pearl as she works vigorously with her team to complete the task at hand and hear some of her thoughts about the event.

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