Eccles Global students immerse themselves in Barcelona’s rich culture

There’s nowhere quite like Barcelona. Full of rich culture and history, staying busy isn’t a problem. Weekend trips to exciting destinations such as Portugal, Morocco, and Costa Brava are affirmed highlights of studying here.  

Eccles Global student Natalie Schmidt agrees. 

“We did a class excursion to Costa Brava and spent the day paddle boarding in the coves and hiking to hidden beaches … Barcelona is so unique, and Eccles Global has allowed us to really immerse ourselves in the culture.” 

The versatility of Barcelona is sure to accommodate all traveling types. If you love city life, it’s there for you. For those who love the outdoors, the beaches are incredible. For art fans, Barcelona is a hub for all eras. A favorite is Gaudi’s Sagrada De Familia, which celebrates all religious beliefs and backgrounds. Many gravitate toward Barcelona for the lively social climate and enthusiastic people. The city seems to never sleep with fun events and festivals all summer. 

For all foodies, Barcelona is for you. All of Europe is known for having good food, however, the food in Barcelona is unbeatable. There are tapas, churros, seafood, bakeries, fusion restaurants, etc. For those who have specific dietary needs and preferences, this program is a great option. There’s a massive market in Barcelona perfect for grabbing groceries or one of their famous one-euro juices. 

The CEA facility in Barcelona is located in an ideal spot. It is within five minutes of the Gothic Quarter as well as shopping, various museums, and the metro. The interior is modern and clean with helpful staff and resources. As one of the most popular and lively learning abroad classes I have ever visited, I can attest that Barcelona will be a trip to remember. 

Rachel Kleinman is an undergraduate student at the David Eccles School of Business and an intern for Eccles Global.

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