Dr. Martha Eining to be inducted into Hall of Fame

The David Eccles School of Business is comprised of an abundance of outstanding faculty and staff, and one of our outstanding faculty members is about to become even more so.

On April 23, Dr. Martha Eining will be honored at Oklahoma State University’s Wilton T. Anderson Hall of Fame Awards Banquet with the Distinguished Alumni Award, and she will be inducted into the School of Accounting’s Hall of Fame. Dr. Eining will be one of four Oklahoma State University Alumni that will be honored at the awards banquet. According to the Spears School of Business’ website, “It is the highest honor the School of Accounting can bestow on an alumnus.”

Dr. Martha Eining is the director of the School of Accounting at the Eccles School. As a professor, she teaches in the areas of fraud and auditing. To give you a brief background of Dr. Eining’s accomplishments, the remainder of this post will provide a little bit of information about her history (yes, “a little bit” because, to be honest, we could probably write an entire book about how awesome she is).

Dr. Eining received her Ph.D. in Accounting and Information Systems from Oklahoma State University in 1987. She has had work published in numerous journals including Contemporary Accounting Research, Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, and Journal of Information Systems (to see more, click here). In addition to academic accomplishments, awards and published work, Dr. Eining also has professional experience in small business consulting, auditing and serving as a systems administrator.

Dr. Eining has quite an extensive list of honors and awards. Though we cannot list them all here, the honors include:

  • Outstanding Service Award, American Accounting Association, awarded in 2014 and in 2005
  • National Accounting Educator of the Year, American Women Society of CPAs, awarded in 2012
  • Utah Accounting Educator of the Year, UACPA, awarded in 2001.

A more extensive list of Honors and Awards can be found here.

Congratulations Dr. Eining! Thank you for giving the David Eccles School of Business another reason to be proud of its outstanding faculty!

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