In September, the Business Economics Society at the University of Utah hosted a Consulting Internship Panel.

The primary objective? To allow senior QAMO students to share insights from Summer 2023 Internships with younger QAMO students.
Our featured speakers were Parker Mitchell, Sophie, McKay, and Jason Collyer.

Parker Mitchell – As a senior gearing up to graduate in spring 2024, Parker’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. He secured a coveted internship with Mercer, employee-benefits consultancy that is a subsidiary of Marsh and McLennan. For Parker, the University of Utah’s Fall 2022 Career Fair was the gateway to opportunity. Armed with an up-to-date resume and a refined elevator pitch, Parker struck up an enlightening conversation with Mercer’s recruiters. He emphasized, “Any opportunity that a student has to get face to face with an employer is an opportunity they should take.” At Mercer, Parker’s role was multifaceted. From data analytics to attending crucial meetings and drawing actionable insights from data, he was at the forefront of decision-making. Parker’s advice for students eager to secure internships? “Harness the power of the alumni network. Dive into LinkedIn, identify potential connections, and don’t hesitate to reach out.”

Sophie McKay – Sophie’s ambition was clear from her freshman year: she was determined to make her mark in the consulting world. However, she was also acutely aware of the challenges of getting access to great opportunities. Sophie’s strategy? Stand out. “I wanted to go into consulting since my freshman year, so I wanted to make sure I could make myself stand out in some way. One way I looked to do that was through more experience than my competitors.” She interned at the Cicero Group in Salt Lake and eventually landed her dream internship at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in New York. Networking was her secret weapon. Through the U’s Management Consulting Club, she connected with BCG alumni and expanded her network, eventually reaching out to potential contacts in New York. Sophie’s stint at BCG was a learning curve, from projects on zero-based budgeting to strategies for global portfolio expansion. She also highlighted the rich diversity she encountered, noting that consulting internships offer a unique opportunity to collaborate with people from a myriad of backgrounds and majors. Sophie’s leadership skills are evident as she is currently serving as co-President of the Management Consulting Club.

Jason Collyer – With graduation on the horizon this December, Jason’s summer was a deep dive into the intricacies of technical consulting at Deloitte. His focus? Applications for large language models, particularly chatbots tailored for government organizations. Jason’s journey to Deloitte was facilitated by the University of Utah’s robust career services and his dedicated career coach, Laura Herring. Reflecting on his experience, Jason emphasized the significance of understanding an organization’s ethos, structure, and communication channels. His parting advice to budding interns? “Start now looking for things; most opportunities I have had are due to the law of large numbers. To get the Deloitte offer, I applied to ten or fifteen different places.”

This year’s Consulting Internship Panel was filled with insights, experiences, and actionable advice. From the nuances of networking to the art of making a lasting impression, the event highlighted the myriad pathways to securing internships in the competitive world of consulting. Our QAMO seniors show that — with the right mix of determination, strategy, and networking — career success is there for the taking.

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