Congratulations on all of your hard work that has brought you to today. You’ve studied, delved into issues, discovered new opportunities, and dedicated yourself to accomplishing your goal – graduation. Whether in finance or marketing, accounting or information systems, you now have your diploma, which opens up a world of opportunity.

Though you’re walking out our doors, you’re not walking out of our lives. The David Eccles School of Business has more than 31,000 alumni worldwide. You are now part of this powerful network, which you can leverage to better careers and job advancements, as well as to assist the next generation of leaders by giving your time, talents, and financial support.

On your graduation day, we welcome you to this robust group with open arms and words of wisdom from those who have walked before you.


“Networking is the key to success.” – LeAna Robison (BS ’90)

“Get to know your network.”- Jared Walk, (BS ’09, MBA ’11)

“People will always do business with people they know and trust. You never know when someone you met will be helpful to you or you to them.” – Mike Kirby (BS ’08)

“The time to network is now.”- Brian Gutierrez (BS ’10)

“Know your classmates outside of the class. They’ll be the people you can rely on for future jobs and contacts.” – Jonathan