The annual 1917-minute challenge kicks off this week

The annual 1917-Minute Challenge will officially kick-off tomorrow! This year, Dean Taylor Randall is calling on alumni, donors, staff, faculty, and students to make scholarships our top priority. Starting Nov. 14 at noon, we have 1,917 minutes to reach 750 donors all committed to giving back to their alma mater and changing the lives of students at the David Eccles School of Business. [...]

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Five ways a practice interview can help you

Practice your interview skills this Monday, Nov. 5 during the SMART Start — Practice the Interview event. Times are available throughout the day; sign up now! It’s no secret that interviews can be stressful or nerve-wracking. The interview plays an essential role in helping employers to determine if you can do the job, as well as helping you determine if the job is [...]

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First Generation Summit helps students navigate campus

Fall Semester is in full swing here at the Eccles School with a lot of new faces, including many first-generation students. We kicked off the first week back to school with a variety of tabling events highlighting different programs we have here at the Eccles School. We are a Doers Wanted school, and know that anyone can be a Doer. [...]

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Women’s Mentoring Program helps MAcc students build accounting careers

For the last three years, the Master of Accounting (MAcc) program at the David Eccles School of Business has been making strides for women entering the accounting profession through the implementation of the MAcc Women’s Mentoring Program. The Women’s Mentoring Program is intended to provide mentorship to MAcc women students with female role models in the industry as they work through the MAcc [...]

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Morning classes vs. night classes: Which should I take?

When registration for classes comes around, you're probably thinking a lot about your schedule and wondering which times are the best to take your classes. Should you be taking morning or night classes? Or maybe a combination of both? As an undergrad student who works 25 hours a week, on top of going to school full-time and a 30 minute commute, I enjoy [...]

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Learning abroad made easy with Eccles Global

At the David Eccles School of Business, there are a number of opportunities to travel and study abroad through the Eccles Global Learning Abroad Program. Eccles Global allows for students to travel to other countries to engage in worldwide business education that instills the skillset students need to compete internationally. They are dedicated to creating a safe, yet affordable learning abroad experience for [...]

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Fun summer things to do in Utah

If you're looking for a variety of fun things to do in the summer, Utah is the place for you! Utah is the epitome of fun, unique activities to do, and is surrounded by the beautiful Rocky and Wasatch mountain ranges, where adventure awaits at every turn. As a Utah native for 13 years, I can wholeheartedly say that being bored is never [...]

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5 things I learned while studying abroad

The first time I ever moved away from home was when I decided to study abroad. After my freshman year of college, I decided to keep pursuing my education by studying abroad through the David Eccles School of Business' learning abroad program called Eccles Global. Eccles Global was something I heard about four years ago from my cousin who was a former Business [...]

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Financial Times ranks MSF program No. 1 for best value for money

The David Eccles School of Business Master of Science in Finance (MSF) provides the best value for money in the nation, according to new 2018 rankings released by the Financial Times. The ranking further emphasizes the excellent educational experience, low tuition and affordable cost-of-living available at the University of Utah and in Salt Lake City. This is the third consecutive year [...]

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Announcing the New Professional MHA Program to the David Eccles School of Business!

The incredible value of furthering your education with a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) is more accessible than ever with the launch of the Professional MHA program. The David Eccles School of Business is excited to bring the Professional MHA program to the table, as it provides more flexibility to its students working full-time jobs, allowing them to work and earn their degree [...]

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